Ezra Nawi and Free Gaza

I was working on a post today about weddings in Palestine and my sincere dislike of them. Today seems too politically important to write about that. It's almost done, I will save it for tomorrow or the day after.

Today, though, two important things are happening. Israeli activist Ezra Nawi is facing sentencing for a crime he most likely did not commit and the 8th journey of the Free Gaza boats is underway.

Since I don't know Ezra besides being in the same room as him and meeting him very briefly a few weeks ago, there are better people to handle this topic. Ezra himself wrote about the experience and his work with Ta'ayush here. Also, one of my favorite Twitter people ibnezra wrote about Ezra here.

He is being sentenced today in Jerusalem at 15:00. If you are around and free, please go! If not, please sign the letter to the Israeli Counsulate here. It's not to late.

The Free Gaza boats were scheduled to leave Cyprus last week, on the 25th. They were, however, asked by Cypriot authorities for lots of papers they've never been asked for before and were asked to sign waivers stating that they will not hold Cyprus accountable for their safety. They felt that these actions were taken under pressure from the Israeli government. The Israeli government also sent notices, specifically mentioning the boats to the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. The White House has said that Israel should allow medical supplies and concrete to enter Gaza and these boats were scheduled to carry those things.

The boats finally departed last night and about now about 2 hours away from the coast of Gaza. The transferred from Cypriot waters, to international waters, and will go directly into Gazan waters. They will not enter Israeli territorial waters. They are unarmed and pose no threat to the Israeli Navy. However, while in international waters, they have been blockaded, stalked, had their radios/GPS jammed and were threatened by the Isreali Navy.

In December, the Israeli Navy rammed one of the boats and threatened to shoot them. They turned back another boat in January. This time, the passengers and crew have said that they will not turn back until the reach Gaza.

Please support these brave people in their attempts to achieve what governments are unwilling to. You can do this today by calling representatives of the Israeli government and Navy, listed here (scroll down to bright red).

Check back later this week for less political things and thanks for your help and support with these important efforts.

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